Press berth: a multi-billionaire case involving an officer at the Royal Palace

Reading of a press berth begins on Tuesday with the arrest of a police officer at the Royal Palace in a multi-billionaire case involving contractors and businessmen.

Al-Masaa wrote that the arrest of the officer came after what was named by the complainants as a partner of the main accused, an employee who is in custody, after she assumed the status of a senior official in the real estate agency, real estate survey and cartography to gain their trust in order to seize their money that she claims to invest in real estate purchases. Disputed at a mouth-watering price, to resell them again at very high prices, after settling their position with the intervention of influential parties, which will enable them to reap huge profits.

The same newspaper reports that the investigative judge of the Court of First Instance in Benslimane found a solution to a file erected on citizens in 7 billion, by a real estate developer booked hundreds of apartments without being completed construction for delivery to their owners; through the introduction of a new contractor partner, is scheduled to He handles the completion of the workshops left by the first contractor, which led to unprecedented protests outside Morocco that precipitated the search for a solution to the file.

Al-Masa reported that the file moved after the intervention of higher authorities against the backdrop of the protest affected by the project members of the community, who fought a protest movement at the exhibition of real estate in Paris led to listen to them by the Moroccan ambassador in France, Abdel Ahad Fassi Fihri, former Minister of the preparation of national territory and reconstruction and housing And city policy.

In the evening, the pharmacists asked the Ministry of Health to send surprise inspection committees to the private clinics to find out the fact that they sold the drugs at the public sale price and achieved a double profit margin at the expense of patients’ pockets.

In a statement to the newspaper, Mohamed Lahbabi, president of the Confederation of Moroccan Pharmacists’ Unions, said: “Although the patrol issued by the former Minister of Health, Anas Doukkali, warns private clinics that they cannot afford the stock of medicines at the public sale price, but at the hospitalization price, some clinics did not respect After the departure of Doukkali, I rushed to stockpile medicines at the public sale price in order to achieve a greater profit margin.

Al-Masa also reported that Muhammad Saleh al-Tamik, the delegate general of the Prisons and Reintegration Department, prevented prison staff from using social media and dealing with the press without a license from the administration, which the newspaper sources considered to be a marginalization of the prison staff and a restriction on his personal freedom.

According to the same platform, the prison staff is obliged to abide by professional duties and ensure respect for working hours, and not to engage in any work or income-generating activity of any nature, at a time when a large category of staff suffer because of what is described as the removal of wages, which drives some of them To practice some additional occupations and jobs with the aim of getting a little money to provide some necessary requirements for their families.

And to the “Moroccan events”, which touched on the status of a pregnant woman for her baby on the ground inside the regional hospital of the Mariam of Larache, after being directed to the regional hospital in Tangier.

The newspaper pointed out that the father of the pregnant entered into a heated discussion with one of the hospital staff, especially after asking him to pay money to provide the ambulance fuel. The father stressed the generation of his daughter Larache, to surprise everyone to put the pregnant baby on the ground in the emergency wing, in the absence of generators, where the women accompanying her to help her to the situation.

According to “Moroccan events”, the Ministry of Interior obliges groups to publish their budgets to the public. The Ministry of Interior periodical explained that this is a consecration of good governance of public utilities and support the rules of openness and transparency, as stipulated in the Organizational Law on Entities, the Organizational Law on Workers and Territories, and the Law. Regulation relating to dust collections.

For its part, “Akhbar al-Youm” to the arrest of Ahmed Wehman, head of the Observatory of Morocco against normalization, who suffered a fracture in his hand, before being placed in the custody of theoretical; after the process of monitoring the Zionist penetration of dates exhibition Erfoud aspects to a confrontation between the men of power and anti-normalization activists .

According to the same forum, the activists of the Observatory and the Boycott of Israel movement moved to the city of Erfoud, where it organizes the annual exhibition of dates in order to monitor the presence of the Israeli company “Natafim” specialized in agricultural materials, after it broadcast a video last September, promoting its presence in Morocco and agricultural materials to be displayed The company, which says, protects and anti-normalization activists, says it has direct links to the Israeli army.

The paper pulpit itself reported that the commander, head of the administrative attaché “flowers” in the province of Glize, was robbed under the threat of white gun in the same neighborhood by two young men on a motorcycle.

Akhbar al-Youm pointed out that the leader was in the corner of her car in preparation for entering her house in the fragmentation of Jasmine-Sharaf after she finished her work in the framework of a joint administrative and security patrol to monitor the work of hotels and restaurants, and whether she respected the legal dates of closure or not, surprised by the two thieves, one of whom was a knife. They stole her handbag, which contained her documents, mobile phones and some personal belongings. The commander tried to trace the thieves, chasing them with her car, but her attempt failed, as they fled to an unknown destination.

Seal from the “science”, which published that the inhabitants of the province of Khenifra live a state of grumbling and indignation on a daily basis with the problem of drinking water, and lead to the result of high rocket bills that exhaust the pockets of the poor, especially classes.
According to the same source, the population is moving daily wells and neighboring eyes to supply drinking water, without forgetting the health aspect of this process, a number of citizens suffer from diseases of blood pressure and digestive system.

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