Press berth: Closure of jellyfish causes heavy financial losses for Moroccans

We begin the round of the Press Quay on Wednesday from “Al-Masaa”, which touched on the return of tension to the Karakurat crossing after it was closed since last Thursday to the movement of commercial goods coming from sub-Saharan Africa.

According to the same source, this situation threatens to incur Moroccan exporters significant financial losses, especially for the exporters of fresh and perishable food.

Exporters’ associations have warned of significant financial losses on the economy due to the continued closure of the Karakrat border crossing.

The paper pointed to the continuation of secret workshops in threatening the health of Moroccans with serious flavors and preparations, saying that a number of secret workshops continue to produce materials, flavors and preparations for food consumption containing very dangerous chemical elements and components, despite the raid of a number of earlier by the security and gendarmerie.

According to the same platform, a number of workshops specialized in the manufacture of flowers extracts intended for food use, and liquids used in the manufacture and preparation of confectionery and cosmetics, using anonymous materials, has resumed its activity by promoting corrupt products by exploiting well-known names and brands, and entice merchants to market them for a percentage High profit.

In another news, the same newspaper published that lawyers rose up against the prevention of subjection of state property and groups, so that they considered the position of the government “tyranny” and described Article IX political scandal, stressing the need for lawyers and lawyers duty and stand to defend the decisions and judicial rulings issued mainly against the state, Defending its credibility, its value, imposing its implementation, preventing its manipulation and circumventing its implementation, against the dignity and due respect it deserves, and against the constitutional value of the final provisions that are enforceable.

The Ministry of Health has taken a package of measures to prevent the sale of vaccines by pediatricians, the direct sale by the Pasteur Institute in Morocco, and the sale of veterinary medicines by veterinarians. In addition, private clinics were banned from selling medicines, a topic that had aroused considerable controversy between parliamentarians and the government in the previous state, and the finance bill also banned private clinics from private billing of medicines. Seventh to asylums.

Akhbar al-Youm wrote that the Court of Appeal of Agadir issued a decision upholding the preliminary verdict against the heirs of a French defendant of Algerian origin for their performance in favor of their partner, businessman Hassan Derhem, totaling more than 11 billion centimeters, the amount of the French partner accused of embezzlement.

According to the same article, the dirham had followed his partner in the group “Acrodip” accusing him of embezzling the company’s funds, while the French partner had appealed to his country’s embassy in Rabat to escape the trial.

The Spanish company used the holding, owned by the Sahrawi businessman Dahman Dirham, to enter directly into the Moroccan market, using the existing infrastructure of the Moroccan Holding and his knowledge of the local market, to obviate some bureaucratic rulers.

The newspaper quoted a Moroccan economist researcher as saying that the entry of one company to the fuel market, no matter how big, will not affect, not enough, nor is it a solution, adding that the entry of the Spanish company to Morocco means that it got the green light from the concerned authorities.

And to the “Moroccan events,” which reported that the Royal Gendarmerie Center Awamra group referred a drug dealer, turned his shop into a shop for the promotion of contraband, the representative of the Public Prosecution at the beginning of Larache with money and important quantities of drugs, after falling in an ambush by the head of the gendarmerie center in Awamra .

According to the same paper, the Kingdom was crowned through the postal actor (Morocco Post) in the Swiss capital of Berne as the first country from the Middle East and Africa in the field of postal security.Morocco obtained the certificate of conformity with the standards of postal security set by the Universal Postal Union.

According to “Moroccan Events”, this coronation comes to confirm the group’s involvement in the path of excellence, and highlights its ability to secure postal consignments, the way of transport, and the entire logistics chain.

“Moroccan events” also reported that the governor of Beni Mellal Khenifra province of Beni Mellal called for taking all necessary measures and proactive preparations to face the cold wave and develop strategies to prevent floods and protect the lives of the people of the region.

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