Press berth: Hammouchi injects new blood into “police arteries”

The reading of the press platform began with the announcement by Abdel Latif Hammouchi, Director-General of National Security, that more than 7,000 new police officers would be employed.

This is reported in the newspaper “Evening”, which reported that the Directorate General revealed the organization of two games, the first internal staff of various departments, and the second to employ 7708 elements of different ranks.

Al-Masaa added that the new wave of employment in the police concerns 90 deans, 620 police officers, 70 security officers, in addition to 1700 inspectors and more than 5200 security guards, noting that the Directorate imposed on candidates to register in a modern portal, before filing applications State administrative departments and regional security, or regional security and security zones.

The newspaper stressed that the number of those who will be integrated into the security apparatus is the largest of its kind, and that new evidence was welcomed by the owners to compete, such as press leave, to run for the post of police brigadier.

In another news, the same daily wrote that the government entered into negotiations with private clinics for the care of cancer patients and heart, after the experience of caring for those suffering from kidney failure.

The “evening” that the negotiation process was launched under the former Minister of Health, Anas Doukkali, to search for an agreement that allows owners of cards “Ramid” to benefit from the services of the private sector in return for the state to perform on their behalf.

On the political front, it was reported in the “evening” that Fatima Hassani, elected in the Council of the Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima of the Department of Ouazzane, is a strong candidate to succeed Elias Amari, who has been discontinued from the exercise of his functions in the presidency of the region.

The paper pointed out that Hassani is one of the opponents of Arabi Mahrchi, a prominent face in the first row of the Authenticity and Modernity Party, pointing out that Mohamed Boudra, mayor of Al Hoceima, was the closest to this position because of the consensus of the political teams formed the Council of the “Tangier.”

Akhbar Al Youm reported that billionaire Hassan Dirham drowned in debt, noting that attempts by government officials to mediate the financial problem between him and a French-Algerian investor had not succeeded and that he was waiting for a settlement through the courts.

The newspaper added that Casablanca Elementary School is scrutinizing the allegations of the dirham of financial imbalances, worth billions of centimeters, attributed to an accountant appointed by the Ministry of Interior to settle the dispute between the two companies during the era of Mohamed Hassad.

The paper pointed out that it is linked to imbalances in which the accountant faces charges of dishonesty and embezzlement for a major economic group at the national level, operating in the agricultural field through the estates distributed between Agadir and Dakhla and employ thousands of royal encouragement.

Akhbar al-Youm also wrote that the prime minister and the heads of the two chambers of parliament had agreed on the lists of candidates for membership of the Advisory Council for Youth and Community Action, and that he was waiting to mark the lists shortly before the inauguration.

In connection with the problems of the financial and business world, “Moroccan Events” wrote that a Moroccan businessman was prevented from leaving the Kingdom, by a decision of the Public Prosecution.He pointed out that he is a wealthy man who also holds an English nationality, and is linked to projects in Larache.He gave him a check without a balance of 300 million centimeters.

She added that a complaint from an Indian-English investor moved the case, and that the Public Prosecution ordered the completion of the search with the wealthy and his release after he claimed that the signature on the check was forged.

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