Press berth: “hidden gas war” rages between Morocco and Algeria

We begin by reading some of Friday’s diaries from Al-Alam, which reported that the hidden gas war is raging between Morocco and Algeria with sensitive regional and international bets, and that Algeria is gradually paralyzing its trans-Moroccan gas pipeline to weaken its energy bargaining position.

The newspaper added that the Algerian hydrocarbons company (Sonatrach) and the Spanish groups “Cepsa” and “Naturji” signed earlier this week, under which the Spanish party ceded its stake in the pipeline of the trans-Mediterranean gas pipeline (Medgaz) for the Algerian group.

“This trade deal does not matter much to Morocco, but its details and results reveal part of the chapters of the invisible energy war between Algeria and Morocco in recent years, which has turned gas into fierce competition with economic and political dimensions at the regional and international levels,” she said. To exploit and manage the Maghreb gas pumping line, known technically as the “Pedro Faral Pipeline”, which penetrates the Kingdom from the desert of Algeria and ends on the southern coast of Portugal.

In the same journal, a number of Moroccan students complain about what they see as the “disregard” of the Belgian consulate in Casablanca for visa application files to pursue their studies there.

Al-Alam added that more than 200 Moroccan students are waiting for visas after completing their registration at Belgian colleges to study there. One of the students’ parents said that the administration was refusing applications under the pretext of the start of the school season and that the students will not be able to remedy what they missed.

In the evening, the Minister of Interior, Abdel Wafi Laftit, instructed the governors and workers, through the heads of village and urban groups, to expedite the removal of all projects supported by the municipal councils.

She added that the instructions of the Minister of Interior were strict, given the size of the deferred projects, which despite the support allocated to it from the group’s budget, which requires that it be taken to the ground, this was not done for political reasons described, noting that the postponement of these projects is not for logical reasons or For certain constraints, but only to make it a trump card as legislative or collective benefits approach.

The same newspaper published that the Berrechid worker and the local authorities are accused of hitting investment and obstructing projects, as they favor some companies over others, by allowing them to “breach” the laws of reconstruction, and stop the projects of competing companies under false pretexts, whose sole purpose is to obstruct.

According to the sources of the “evening”, some revival is preparing to drag the worker Berrechid province to the administrative court, because of his insistence on blocking investment projects in the city, and also sent correspondence to the Ministry of the Interior and all concerned.

In the “evening” we also read that notaries, lawyers and doctors are under the scrutiny of the tax inspection, where sudden visits were initiated by the tax inspectors to the offices of known notaries, doctors and lawyers.

According to the same news, the tax reference should take into account the extent of the notaries’ commitment to tax interests, especially with regard to the performance of income tax and value-added tax, note that their accounting documents are subject to two types of review by the Tax Department and the Committee formed by the Regional Council of Notaries , Prosecutor, a representative of the said administration.

In another news, “evening” reported that the son of a parliamentary arrested in a serious gang robbery in Casablanca. The newspaper added that the arrest of members of this gang came within the framework of a wide security campaigns known in the economic capital, where the members of this gang, four people, one of whom turned out to be “Ould Fachouche”, pointing out that they were in a luxury car. They were taken to the security service in Moulay Rachid region, where they were placed under the custody of the theoretical, awaiting the completion of the search and investigation before being referred to the King’s agent.

For its part, Akhbar al-Youm published that the felonies of Marrakech edited a 372-page verdict in the case of the crime of the café “Lacrim”, and referred it to the public prosecutor of the king in the court itself, in order to complete his appeal report, and referred to the appeals chamber, which will take charge Twenty in the file, of which seventeen followed initially in detention, while the remaining three were tried in case of release.

“Akhbar al-Youm” also wrote that the Security Council is resolving the deadlock of the Sahara issue in a closed session, calling for the appointment of a UN envoy as soon as possible, and preserving what Horst Koehler has achieved.

According to the paper, Moussaoui Ajlawi, a Moroccan expert on Sahara and Africa, said Wednesday’s meeting was a consultation meeting in which Colin Stewart, head of MINURSO, briefed the members of the Security Council, the second meeting after the meeting. The first meeting will take place on 8 October, pending the third and final meeting, which will adopt the final decision to determine the extension period of the UN mission. Ajlawi added that this month’s meetings will not only lead to the appointment of a new UN envoy, but also signal a new birth in the Sahara issue.

As for the “Moroccan events”, Omar Hilal, the Permanent Representative of Morocco to the United Nations, exposed the reality of abductions, arrests and indiscriminate prosecutions carried out by Polisario leaders against dissidents and activists. He called on the international community to assume its responsibilities in protecting the inhabitants of the camps. To remain silent about human rights violations in the Tindouf camps

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