Press berth: Military sanctions await violators of conscription

Reading Friday’s pavement we begin by touching on the “evening” to the military sanctions issued against dozens of volunteers for military service, who violated the rules and regulations of the military in a number of barracks, where a number of military penalties have been activated against them, such as deprivation of a break for volunteers, break and visit, in addition To exercise and serve the military barracks, after referring the files of four recruits to the military court in Rabat, after they insulted their trainers in the barracks Karsif and al-Hajeb.

According to the same newspaper, Ahmed Lahlimi admitted that the statistics he provided, from the second quarter of 2018 to the second quarter of 2019, on the employment and unemployment figures were wrong and inaccurate, based on the results of the inspection conducted by the Inspector General and the directorates in charge of employment and information, which It revealed that there was an imbalance in the figures and statistical data previously announced, which resulted in a review of recent data on the national research on employment.

In the evening, we also read that forged licenses issued by the State Secretariat for Transport moved security to investigate how more than 30 suspects obtained false driving licenses during a certain period without passing the driving license exam.

As part of the exchange of information between the security of Rabat and the Spanish authorities, the newspaper reported that a number of driver’s licenses, which were submitted to Spain for replacement, were issued by Morocco and were suspected of being forged. The newspaper added that 31 Moroccan immigrants were investigated, as a first batch, for making false licenses proving their eligibility to drive, even though they did not pass the driving tests in Morocco, as stipulated by the laws and regulations in force.

It was reported in the same number of “evening” that three deaths of heart attacks mobilized local authorities and security Zmzmrp. In the details of the incident, the newspaper reported that a person in his fifth decade and working as a night guard Balzamrp, suffered a sudden heart attack in his home claimed his life, was transferred to the local hospital for medical autopsy with the permission of the Public Prosecution.

The second case concerned a woman in her sixth decade, who came from Oulad Rahal roundabout. She was visiting her daughter at the local hospital where she gave birth. After the visit, she went with her daughter-in-law to acquire some necessities to commemorate the ‘Aqeeqah ceremony. Baraha after a heart attack surprised.

The third case accuses a 10-year-old boy who passed away while studying at a Koranic school in Qawasim after a heart attack.

Akhbar al-Youm reported that the International Criminal Police, known as Interpol, placed 16 Moroccans fleeing justice, both in the Kingdom and abroad, in an international red alert system for their arrest and prosecution.

According to the same daily, most of these Moroccans are wanted on suspicion of involvement in crimes such as possession and smuggling of drugs, involvement in terrorism-related cases, murder, and cybercrime, such as piracy and sexual assault. The most serious case, however, concerns a Moroccan suspected of involvement in terrorist attacks that have left more than 5,000 dead.

Akhbar al-Youm also wrote that the US funded the Polisario Front to establish the first fish farm in the Tindouf camps. The US Embassy in Algiers said the US Department of State’s Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration has donated $ 560,000 to support the first fish farm in Tindouf.

For its part, “Moroccan events” that the search for the leader of the tragedy network “Paloma”, which caused the sinking of a number of victims whose bodies have been washed by the waves of Zenata beach, revealed that a member of the network is looking for him under 13 national search warrants, on charges related to his release Checks without balance, fraud and fraud. She added that the numbering plate of the car, which transferred a number of candidates from Kenitra to Larache, was found. It was found that the car belonged to a car rental agency in Tangier, which was purchased by the defendant who, after dotting his national card, which the agency had a copy, found He is sought, noting that he is still on the run, and is being sought by the Royal Gendarmerie and National Security.

We conclude from the “Science”, which published that the quantity of coastal and traditional fishing products discharged at the level of discharge points and ports on the Mediterranean coasts increased by 9 per cent by the end of August, according to a report by the National Fishing Office.

Al-Alam also reported that health risks for Moroccan children and their mothers due to abstinence from breastfeeding, where specialists stressed that the significant decline in breastfeeding in Moroccan families causes negative health consequences for infants and their mothers, where data indicate that the proportion of Moroccan infants who benefit from breastfeeding Naturally, it is only 28 per cent compared to 40 per cent globally.

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