Press berth: The army is preparing for military exercises on the eastern border

Read the materials of some of the daily newspapers published at the beginning of the new week of the evening, which reported that heavy weapons, drones and infantry teams moved to Oujda, and that raised a lot of questions. The exercise will involve various units of the Royal Armed Forces, including the air and navy, where the exercise will feature some modern military equipment, including new air defense systems, electronic warfare systems and drones. The aim of this exercise is to raise the combat readiness of the Royal Armed Forces units, as well as to increase the capabilities of field work among the various military mechanisms.

According to the sources of the newspaper, this is an unprecedented military exercise in the eastern region, noting that it is not about any military movement on the border, but within the framework of the readiness to carry out military exercises, and training on new weapons received by Morocco recently.

The newspaper reported that Nizar Baraka, Secretary General of the Istiqlal Party, put the second version of the Ottoman government before a constitutional problem, while talking about the existence of a government reshuffle of the first version of the team of Saad Eddin Ottoman, Independents believe that it went beyond the formation of a new majority and a government New with new directions as well.

In a meeting with parliamentarians of his party, Baraka stressed the need for this government to come to parliament in order to present a new government program, and to have the confidence of the House of Representatives on the basis of clear commitments and measures achievable during the period separating our country from the elections of 2021.

Al-Masaa also pointed to the exemption of Ridhal’s general manager, on the back of the strained relationship between the central management of the company and the authority, represented in the governor of Rabat, in light of the accumulation of a number of observations recorded on the performance of the general manager of the company, which paved the overthrow.

The same daily also reported that the police managed to arrest two people in the regions of Mahamid and Sidi Youssef Ben Ali in Marrakech, on suspicion of involvement in crimes related to counterfeiting of securities and trying to display them for circulation.

Akhbar al-Youm reported that the Regional Preservation of Cultural Heritage announced the cancellation of three deals for the restoration of historical monuments, totaling about 800 million centimes, due to imbalances. The deals are part of the royal project to rehabilitate the old Medina of Marrakech, which was launched by King Mohammed VI in October 2018, and the funds allocated to him amount to two billion centimeters.

The newspaper itself dealt with the secret of Astuzar Mohammed Amkraz, who was appointed minister of employment, where a source from the party leadership said that the party’s secretary general, Saad Eddin Al-Othmani, revealed at a meeting of the General Secretariat, to resolve the party’s proposals for Astuzar, a request received by the king. Osmani told members of the General Secretariat that the king asked him to provide a young name of the party’s youth to sit in the new government.

Akhbar al-Youm also paid attention to the state of alert, which occurred after a soldier was shot dead inside a military barracks in Agadir. The newspaper added that the soldier, who was working in patrols “cautious”, fired a bullet from his functional weapon on the chest, was transferred to the military jihadist hospital in Agadir, where he died of his latest wounds, which precipitated the opening of an investigation into the coming under supervision Competent Public Prosecution.

The “Moroccan events” published that the Spanish security services succeeded in dismantling a Spanish criminal network led by Moroccans and Spaniards, and has links with the elements of Moroccan and French Mafiosi, specialized in smuggling, money laundering, forgery, trafficking in human beings, detention and ransom demand.

According to the same news, the Spanish police announced that the process of dropping the network, which took several weeks to search the details of its ramifications, resulted in the arrest of 22 people of Moroccan nationalities, Romanian, Filipino and Spanish in several Spanish cities, including the capital Madrid and Barcelona.

According to “Moroccan events,” Prime Minister Saad Eddine El-Othmani described Astuzar Mohammed Amkraz as Minister of Employment as a marvel of time. The Ottoman also defended technocrats in the second version of his new government, which he described as “political.”

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