Press berth: The Directorate of Security conducts a wide movement of transfers and appointments

Read the materials of some Thursday’s diaries starting from the “evening”, which wrote that the Directorate General of National Security is about to make a large movement of transfers and appointments, is expected to include a long list of senior officials, including governors and heads of regional security, and heads of security zones in major cities such as Dar Casablanca, Sale, Rabat and Tangier.

According to the same news, the most prominent feature that will be carried by the movement of appointments and appointments is the change of a number of names, which have long lived in positions of responsibility despite their modest performance, including a number of heads of security zones, and heads of regional security who have been circulating on the list of those to be transferred.

We also read in the same newspaper that the attorney general is investigating the files of the purchase of fake invoices cheaply, causing huge financial losses estimated at 40 billion centimeters to large companies. He also ordered the opening of an investigation because of tax evasion and the submission of fake invoices and to verify losses suffered by iron producers, after rival companies resort to fraudulent methods and non-authorization of income, in addition to the submission of fake invoices.

The paper adds that large warehouses were raided factories to buy vanishing and recycling in order to flood the markets with goods that do not respect the quality standards, pointing out that suspects were heard in areas on the outskirts of white in Tit Mellil and Ain Harouda.

Al-Masaa also reported that the government ruled out the scenario of delaying the referral of the finance law due to the ministerial amendment, as it accelerated the pace of referring the draft finance law for 2020, which should not exceed 20 October, according to the Financial Regulation Law. The introduction of the latest touches, especially after the Minister of Economy and Finance, Mohamed Benchaaboun, on the scrutiny of trends in the light of the royal speeches on the occasion of the Throne and the anniversary of the revolution of the King and the people, as well as in the light of the discussion that took place at the level of the Government Council.

Al-Masaa also wrote that Interior Minister Abdelouafi Laftit instructed the governors and workers on the national territory to remove the indiscriminate signboards, after the king was angry at the indiscriminate manner in which hundreds of billboards were erected in the economic capital. The urban community and heads of departments and directorates, and ended with the removal of hundreds of paintings and editing records of irregularities and imbalances that have been recorded.

The “Moroccan events”, which referred to the death of a 33-year-old psychiatric patient from the village of Sidi Gaber in the province of Beni Mellal, the hospital center in Beni Mellal mysterious circumstances.

On the same day, nurses at the Municipal Hospital of Beni Mellal organized a vigil in front of the hospital’s management before going to the governorate’s governorate headquarters to protest against what they described as a disastrous situation within the psychiatric department, which directly threatens the health and safety of inmates and nurses.

According to the same daily articles, the Public Prosecution at the Court of First Instance in Taroudant decided, after hearing a shopkeeper who was accused of trafficking in corrupt materials, to return the file to the gendarmerie to complete the search with the shop owner, who was suspended on Sunday, October 7, on the grounds of a raid on his shop. Specialized in storing and selling olives.

Akhbar El Youm reported that driving licenses in Morocco in exchange for bribes and falsifying dates were controversial in Spain after some Moroccan immigrants living in the country resorted to this trick to circumvent Spanish law, which requires them to pass a strict test to obtain Spanish driving licenses according to standards. Spanish, in case they did not get a Moroccan driving license before settling in Spain.

The newspaper adds that the Spanish Civil Guard arrested 31 Moroccan immigrants on charges of falsifying licenses issued in Morocco, which were obtained illegally, to match it with the Spanish driving license without the need to pass the Spanish test.

Akhbar al-Youm also reported that the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs called on some heads of scientific councils to investigate some of the imams of mosques, who intrude on banquets and occasions organized by some citizens, whether wedding, funeral, ‘aqeeqah or charity.

The daily added that the ministry referred to the so-called imams prying on banquets and events, who are keen to attend without inviting the owner of the house in large numbers, in addition to other intruders who do not carry out any task in mosques, mostly readers in the cemeteries, which puts the owner of the occasion in great embarrassment , In addition to the additional burdens that burden him because of the excessive attendance.

We conclude from the Socialist Union, which states that customs agents at Casablanca’s Mohammed V airport managed to thwart the attempt to illegally export 26 live falcons, which were handed over to the Regional Directorate of Water and Forests by the High Commission for Water and Forests and Combating Desertification.

The birds of prey, which were carried without a permit by a foreign national, were carefully hidden in wooden boxes designated for this purpose.

We also read in the paper that Dr. Mohamed Hachem Tial confirmed that 3.5% of Moroccans suffer from bipolar disease, 1.5% have schizophrenia, and 25% of people are at risk of a nervous breakdown at some point in their lives. He added that one in five people is either mentally or mentally ill, which means one fifth of Moroccans suffer from mental or mental illness.

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