Press pavement: “Sons of Fashosh” challenge security by “Tvhit” in the streets

Press pavement: “Sons of Fashosh” challenge security by “Tvhit” in the streets

We begin the weekend pavement tour of Al-Masaa, which reports that wealthy sons and officials defied the ban on Director General of National Security, Abdellatif Hammouchi, for “al-Tafhit” in the center of the capital Rabat.

Despite the instructions issued by Hammouchi to prevent the races known as “Altvhit”, the sources of the newspaper revealed the transformation of the most important street in Rabat to the circuit of the show of driving by the sons of a number of wealthy and senior officials, who compete in luxury cars, some of which cost more than 120 million centimeters.

Moroccan health authorities remain silent after a food scandal triggered by food watchdog organization Danone and Nestle’s baby milk contain contaminants that are dangerous to health and could affect the hormone system, the newspaper reported. For infant bodies. The sources of the newspaper wondered the extent of the import of baby milk shipments promoted in Morocco to this type of accurate analysis before allowing the promotion in the internal market.

According to the same news, the two companies, which showed laboratory tests for problems in the infant formula they are marketing in France, are marketing some of their baby milk products in Morocco, but it is unclear whether it is related to the products included in the report of the European Foundation or not.

In another news, the same newspaper reported that General “Dokkor Darmi” Mohammed Harmo, commander of the Royal Gendarmerie, has initiated new changes, including the heads of gendarmerie companies, officials of the Royal Gendarmerie centers of regional commands, as well as new changes included officers in judicial investigation offices.

Al-Masa added that the new changes came immediately after the redistribution of elements of residences and royal palaces, pointing out that redeployed guard personnel within the units of the Royal Security, and the distribution of the guard elements in such a way as to avoid the repetition of functional errors occurred recently in a royal residence.

While Akhbar al-Youm wrote that the Royal Institute for Strategic Studies recorded a decline in the reputation of Morocco in the eyes of its citizens, due to social movements witnessed during the last three years, in reference to the protests of the countryside, Jarada and Zagora, which could negatively affect the future reputation of the country, The Royal Institute explained that Morocco’s internal reputation experienced a similar decline between 2015 and 2016, but it improved dramatically in 2017 and returned directly to its downward trend in 2018.

In “Akhbar El Youm” we also read that Bank Al-Maghrib is tracking stolen 200-dirhams of money. The “Agricultural Loan” received a letter from Bank Al-Maghrib, addressed to the various employees of its branches, calling on them to be vigilant against the existence of securities of 200 dirhams. Notify them if monitored. The paper added that the letter was attached to a list of serial numbers of the papers in question, likely to be Bank Al-Maghrib Russell all banks on these securities.

And to “science,” which wrote that the government of Saad Eddin Ottoman reached an unprecedented level of normalization with the Zionist entity, pointing out that after recording the high volume of trade with the authorities of the Zionist entity, and after the issue of the establishment of a memorial to the “Holocaust”, the district of Marrakech, decided The Israeli company FLing Carbet resumed its tourism program in Morocco, which was stopped by Moroccan authorities 20 years ago.

The newspaper said that the company announced the opening of direct flights between Tel Aviv, Casablanca, Rabat, Tangier and Oujda, in direct flights that take at least seven hours of flight, adding that the date of the first of these lines will be in the first of May next five flights a month.

For its part, the “Moroccan events” that the imbalances in the management of public procurement at the General Military Hospital Ibn Sina in Marrakech overthrew a high-ranking colonel (colonel), who was suspended from his duties and referred to investigate the horizon of his discipline from administrative disciplinary procedures and legal accountability.

The newspaper sources pointed to a number of imbalances monitored by the elements of the General Inspectorate, especially the monopoly of companies run by close and close relatives of the Colonel responsible for the most important deals, which puts, according to the legal texts governing the field, in the position of exploiting influence, adds “Moroccan events.”

In another news, the same daily reported that the governing body of Tiznit primary convicted the contractor of adulterated schools in the city by one year, three months including a window, nine months suspended, and a fine of five thousand dirhams. As for the six million he has allocated to bribe the official of the Ministry of National Education, the court has ruled that it should be confiscated for the benefit of the public treasury and loaded with a burden.

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