Press pavement: State-run cars auction off a network of monuments

We start reading the materials of some Tuesday newspaper papers from Al-Masaa, which published that state-owned cars in public auctions overthrew a network of fraud and use the names of influential figures in order to hunt the largest number of victims who want to buy cars sold through the auction with the intervention of the courts. Suspects with close ties to a defendant were arrested and were presenting themselves in charge of the Royal Court, moving in luxury cars and entering municipal checkpoints where state cars were usually sold at public auctions.

According to the same platform, the police officers have reserved badges for Alawite honoraries and other documents in question, and the suspects’ phones were referred to the technical laboratory of the General Directorate of National Security to find out the relationship of the intermediaries who were used by the detainee to erect his victims, who numbered dozens.

The government has raised the arms budget to 110.1953 million dirhams, compared to 96.731 billion dirhams in the Finance Act for the current year, and 84.264 billion dirhams in the 2018 fiscal law.

Al-Masaa added that the allocations for the salaries of the employees of the National Defense Department witnessed significant increases, after the government allocated to this sector 33 billion and 167 million dirhams, compared to 24 billion and 330 million and 83 thousand dirhams in fiscal year 2019.

In the evening, we also read that the prohibition of seizure of State funds again infiltrated the Finance Act 2020, whereby article 9, on the enforcement of sentences against the State, stipulates that State funds and property cannot in any way be subject to seizure.

According to the same article, the article stipulates that creditors holding bonds or final executive judicial rulings against the state shall not demand payment except in front of the interests of the person who ordered the payment to the public administration. It shall be spent within a maximum period of 60 days from the date of notification of the aforementioned judicial decision within the limits of the financial appropriations open in the budget.

The same source reported that the judges of Jettou and the inspectors of the Al-Adawi Committee started to search for imbalances in the deals of the Regional Council of Safi and opened an investigation into the matter. It is still stalled and does not live up to the aspirations of the population, most notably the entrances to the city through Tuesday Bukdra, Sabbath Jazoulah and the covered hall.

For its part, Akhbar al-Youm reported that the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs revealed its desire to send imams and muezzins to the Holy Land to perform the rituals of Hajj for the season 1441 AH, and announced that it will select an imam and muezzin from every labor or region by lot to perform the Hajj.

The newspaper wrote that the ministry asked the representatives of Islamic Affairs to submit five proposals for each region for the imams, and five concerning the muezzins, and was required not to exceed the age of fifty for candidates, and to be practicing the functions of the Imamate or adhan during their candidacy.

In another news, the same newspaper reported that the recent statements made by the jurist Makassed, Ahmed al-Raysouni, regarding his position on individual freedoms has been criticized.

Abdul Wahab Rafiqi, a scholar of Islamic sciences, said: “Ahmed al-Rissouni has the right to express his opinion on individual freedoms, or others, that he should be guaranteed the freedom to express his thoughts without attachment. The article includes abuse of the offender, and describes the opponents and opposition to the detention of individual freedoms those descriptions of a man of scientific standing at a large current in society.

Moroccan events reported that members of the Judicial Division of the Royal Gendarmerie in Salé seized an unauthorized secret shop specializing in the distribution of French fries at Douar Oulad Ayachi, belonging to a member of the Justice and Charity group, who was placed in detention at the age of Slalom Sala.

According to the same article, the shop owner used to add some banned substances to potatoes in order to preserve their color, even though he used potatoes that were unfit for consumption.

“Moroccan events” also wrote that the competent Spanish security authorities are cracking down on a number of money launderers, the majority of whom are drug traffickers who are active on the Iberian Peninsula, especially in the south and in the center of De Sol, and also in the southern bank and specifically Morocco, and does not rule out the fall of a number of active names In this area.

Seal from the “Science” and what it published regarding the launch of the process of monitoring life on the beneficiaries of pensions disbursed by the Moroccan Pension Fund, starting October 21, to make sure that they are still alive.

According to the same platform, the process is to change the way they pay their pensions for the month of October, where they were notified by mail by the need to apply in person with their banking agencies to draw their pensions, to make sure they are alive, and no later than 30 November 2019, Otherwise, the pensioner will be considered dead and therefore deprived of his pension.

According to the same issue, Anil Pant, Director General of the International Cooperation Department of Bharat Electronics, revealed the participation of the government institution in a call for bids launched by Morocco to purchase and upgrade Moroccan airport radars.

Annette said the Indian Defense Ministry is ready to share the technology it is developing with a number

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