Press platform: acknowledgment of filiation outside the institution of marriage mobilizes the interior

He started a press berth tour on Wednesday from Al-Masaa newspaper, which wrote that acknowledgment of filiation outside marriage institution mobilizes the Ministry of Interior, noting that a patrol issued by the ministry revealed that there are difficulties in activating the requirements to prove the legal relationship and the adoption of filiation, and registration of children in the civil situation, Especially since many citizens were unable to document their marital relations for social and economic reasons, and therefore were unable to register their children in the civil status, which led to a high proportion of people who are not subject to this institution.

According to the “evening”, the patrol addressed to the governors and workers of labor, regions and provincial workers in the Kingdom called for strengthening the declaration of childbirth document acknowledgment of filiation.

The same daily also touched on suspicions of corruption and waste of public funds at the Ministry of Justice. She added that the National Union of Justice called for an investigation into suspicions of corruption and waste of public money, which is pursuing a number of deals in the ministry, and called for an investigation into the appointments that have interested senior positions, especially the post of Inspector General, the Director General of the Mohammedia Foundation, and the Director of Equipment and Property, The common thing is to resort to the rule of exception.

In another news, Al-Masaa wrote that Nador city council president Suleiman Houlaich, who is facing isolation, has been granted special licenses and without respecting the opinion of the urban agency and the governorate of real estate on billions of projects. According to the report of the Committee of the Central Inspectorate of Territorial Administration, in the nine months of 2018, Nador granted a total of 14 building permits, without respecting the binding opinion of the urban agency, adding that the mayor colluded with well-known businessmen and investors for Obtain licenses for hashes outside the legal procedures.

In addition, Akhbar al-Youm reports that Morocco is making intensive preparations to make its representation at the Russia-Africa summit due to be held in October at the highest level. The paper pointed out the possibility of the king leading the Moroccan delegation to participate in this summit. In the past few days, intensive diplomatic contacts between Russia and African countries have taken place in preparation for the summit, which is scheduled to take place in the Russian city of Sochi, with the aim of giving a new start to the relations between the heirs of the Soviet Union and the continent.

Moroccan children under the age of five suffer from some problems, including dwarfism, malnutrition and obesity, despite government efforts and significant developments in the Kingdom in the last two decades in all areas related to children, especially medicine, according to the same paper. Unveiled by a new report of the World Childhood Organization (UNICEF).

The “Moroccan events” reported that the security services in Laayoune was able to seize 26 kg of gold in the bag of a passenger, during the surveillance by the band “Special Dogs trained” at the security dam installed at the northern entrance to the city of Laayoune, noting that the detainee was placed Under the theoretical guardianship of the research conducted under the supervision of the Public Prosecution.

The same daily wrote that security declared war on crime, adding that many cities in the Kingdom know a security deployment involving several security teams specialized in rapid intervention, with the aim of drying up the sources of criminality and reassurance to the hearts of citizens, under the instructions of the Director General of National Security, Abdul Latif Hammouchi, Under the direct supervision of the Director of the Judicial Police at the Directorate General, Mohammed Al-Dukhaisi.

And conclude from the “flag” and published on the participation of former Israeli Interior Minister, Manir Sheetrit, in a conference in Marrakech, and made an intervention that angered anti-normalization with the Zionist entity, who described his presence as a “crime of penetration.”

The newspaper added that the former Israeli Interior Minister attended the conference held in Marrakech, in the presence of ministers and officials from Morocco and the world.

In another news, Al-Alam reported a statement to the General Secretary of the General Union of Workers in Morocco, Al-Naeem Mayara, on the sidelines of the October 14th meeting on the draft financial law 2020 between the government, unions and Batrouna. The government had promised to organize a national debate on employment and training, but did not organize anything. He added that the General Union of Workers in Morocco will remain keen to defend the interests of the working class in Morocco.

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