Press platform: Government reshuffle provokes conflict among women

Press platform: Government reshuffle provokes conflict among women

Read the articles of some weekly we start from the “Press Week”, which published that the government amendment triggered an unprecedented conflict between women Justice and Development, where discussions are taking place in some women’s homes of justice and development content of the extreme anger experienced by the leadership of Bassima al-Haqawi, because of the replacement in an incomprehensible despite Her tender with her colleague Jamila al-Musalli, and the latter worked on a significant change in the staff of Alhaqawi from the private writing and various writings to the President of the Court and the rest of the crew, waiting for passage to managers and all officials, although some of them belong to the Justice and Development Party.

According to the Press Week, this silent anger among Bijidi women is spreading to some men, because of the favor of the Ottoman to their colleague Nuzha Al-Wafi, who promoted him from the Secretary of State in Sustainable Development to the Minister Delegate in charge of the Moroccans of the world despite the success shown by Benataiq in this sector.

The same weekly reported that a number of government sectors that disappeared with the recent government amendment experienced a concussion and extraordinary mobility at the level of staff and human resources, appeared strongly two days before the government reshuffle.

According to a source described in the same newspaper, the abolition of state writings and a number of sectors contributed to the emergence of employees who were ghosts in these sectors because they were protected from exempted ministers, and even those employees returning to work who were not recognized by their colleagues in the same sector, after they discovered that they They received attachments and were placed at the disposal of other government sectors, and stayed at home for the last two days before the government reshuffle to join their new premises and discover their co-workers.

According to the same platform, there was a real massacre in the distribution of positions of responsibility in the sectors affected by the government amendment, especially heads of departments and departments, where they were distributed to close associates quickly before leaving the government.

According to the “press week” also that the Secretary-General of the SPLM, Muhand al-Ansar, is facing an internal uprising, after the establishment of a group of opponents of a new movement under the name of “change”, consisting of 14 parliamentarians, moving under the leadership of former Interior Minister Mohammed Hassad.

In an interview with Al-Ayyam, Mustapha Al-Khalfi presented the additions contained in his book entitled “Moroccan Sahara: Facts and Illusions of Conflict,” which he considers as a guide to defend the Moroccan Sahara, and he updated the file in the light of the latest report of the UN Secretary-General on 2 October. Which included for the first time a paragraph that unveiled the scale of the tragedy inside the Tindouf camps.

Al-Khalafi said that the strength of the book in the coherence of its internal logic, its methodological construction, its scientific evidence and its courage to ask the questions raised by the opponents of territorial unity, and the progress towards answering it in a scientific language based on historical and legal knowledge evokes the various dimensions of the issue from the strategic, political, cultural, developmental and religious aspects.

Mustafa al-Khalafi pointed out that the book dealt with the subject by providing detailed answers in scientific language about three illusions promoted by the separatists, namely the fact that the wealth of the desert is looted against international law, 40 years since the departure of Spain and the Sahara is still stricken, and the desert inhabitants are excluded from the management of the affairs and wealth of the region.

“ Let me assure you that Morocco is no longer on the defensive as perceived by some, but rather offensive, confirmed by the EU External Action Service report of June 2018, which I consider the EU to vote positively on the amended Association Agreement, which concerns Agricultural and marine products originating in the Moroccan Sahara, and the agreement on sustainable fishing, where the concrete, and based on careful studies and field visits to the region and meetings with civil societies and actors, revealed the magnitude of changes in the Moroccan Sahara in terms of development and numbers.

Al-Ayyam also spoke about the person who was next to King Mohammed VI during the appointment ceremony of the new ministers in the government of Saad Eddin Ottoman, where he appeared standing on the right of the king in the same place where the Crown Prince used to stand, which means that he is not an ordinary person, He never appeared in this way in any previous royal activity.

According to the same weekly, this is about Sidi Mohamed Alaoui, who was appointed by the king a few years ago as the royal brow to succeed Ibrahim Faraj, where he became close to the king, who is also entrusted to many of the characteristics of the palace, note that it belongs to the Alawite tree, and family King, by virtue of being the grandson of the late Princess Lalla Fatima Zahra Azizia, daughter of Sultan Moulay Abdelaziz, and Moulay Hassan ibn Mahdi.

Al-Watan Al-An pointed to the reinstatement of the pensioner’s abolition file after the amendment of the Ottoman government, and wrote that some social media pioneers filed cynical petitions to demand their rights to invest or work in parliament to work for five years and get a lifetime retirement.

“We will propose a law to abolish the pension of ministers and parliamentarians,” said Hisham Sabri, a PAM MP. “The pension of parliamentarians is an acquired right, not a rent, and before its cancellation, dues must be paid to their owners,” said Mohamed Hanine, president of the Moroccan Council of Parliamentarians and former Women MPs.

Al-Watan Al-Aan also wrote that in the face of the blockage of the parliamentarians’ pension fund and the suspension of the retirement of former deputies, Abdoulaye Wakak, a former deputy from Tiznit, wrote to the House of Representatives to ask him to return the deductions that were being compensated for what was a parliamentarian.

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