Press platform: Holocaust monument defies demolition of Marrakech

Read the materials of some of the daily papers on Friday, starting from the “evening”, which reported that the leaders of the National Observatory against Normalization revealed attempts to erect a memorial of the “Holocaust” again, and the construction work at a time when the authorities in the province of Haouz had demolished some Building.

According to the same platform, the Moroccan Observatory for the Rise of Normalization explained that the head of the Observatory’s executive office, Ahmed Wehman, and Aziz Henawi, the general secretary of the Observatory, had moved to the Ait Vaska area of ​​the suburbs of Marrakesh. “With the construction of an adjacent furnace in the form of” Nazi gas ovens “was used by the owner to cook bread and distributed to neighboring villages, as well as the continued presence of private cars owner of the building.

The same paper deals with diseases that kill Moroccans. The Moroccan Association of Medical Sciences revealed that 33.6 percent of Moroccans over the age of 20 suffer from high blood pressure, 6.6 percent of Moroccans have diabetes, and 13.2 percent of them suffer from diabetes. Obesity, with 50,000 cancer cases recorded in the Kingdom.

Al-Masa added that the association explained that chronic diseases cause the death of many Moroccans every year. Among the mortality rates in Morocco, cardiovascular disease accounts for 38% of deaths, 18% of Moroccans die from cancer, while respiratory diseases lead Six percent die, while the same percentage of Moroccans die from diabetes, compared to 14 percent who die from diseases caused by nutrition and other diseases.

We also read in the articles of the evening that Capt. Mohammed al-Bakali presented to the court during the last session arguing that the total wealth of his client Zain al-Abidin al-Hawas, the former mayor of Hadd al-Sawalem, amounts to about 215 billion centimeters, and explained that his client inherited the largest share of the recorded wealth In his name from his father, who was one of the largest agricultural landowners on the outskirts of Casablanca and the area of ​​Hadal-Salem before many of them enter the urban area.

According to the same pulpit, Said Aouita, the world champion, came to Marrakesh to complete a training academy in athletics.He received the mayor of the city, Mohamed Larbi Belkaid, the world champion at the headquarters of the Municipal Palace, where he provided details of a training academy project in athletics in the capital of Palm.

Akhbar El Youm reported that Facebook ignores Morocco’s request. The National Committee for the Control and Protection of Personal Data expressed regret that it had not received an answer from Facebook about personal data. The Data Centers, which collect the personal data of Moroccan citizens and residents of Morocco, whether obtained directly from them or through their use after their consent, are located in countries considered by the Commission to meet the necessary standards in terms of the protection of personal data, The Committee also expressed its hope for Facebook responds to its request, adding that other catch-ups could be considered later.

Akhbar al-Youm also reported that MINURSO had issued a tender request for proposals from companies interested in building a helipad near its fixed team headquarters in the Tafariti region of the Sahara, east of the Moroccan security wall.

According to the same news, the mission opened applications for receipt on 17 October, to close on 7 November, where the interested parties were referred on a UN electronic platform for the submission of applications.

And to the “Moroccan events,” which reported that a Russian refinery will see the light in Nador, pointing out that Sochi was signed an agreement to build a petrochemical complex in Morocco worth up to about two billion euros, on the sidelines of the Economic Forum Russia-Africa.

The newspaper added that MIA Energy explained that the project is part of an environmentally friendly approach that enables the Kingdom to contribute to the organization of EMO 2020, which includes reducing sulfur emissions, which Morocco signed as part of its commitments at the COP22 Marrakech Summit.

The refinery, which will be completed within the framework of this project, will have in the first phase a refining capacity of up to 100,000 barrels per day, before reaching a second phase to an estimated capacity of 200 thousand barrels per day.

The “Moroccan events” also pointed to the arrest of a judge in charge of traffic accidents in the Agadir Elbezzet to receive the amount of bribery estimated at two million centimes, received by a doctor in order to retrieve the driver’s license, which was withdrawn because of a fatal traffic accident.

According to the same source, the doctor reported through her complaint that she was blackmailed in exchange for retrieving her driving license, in a process of bribery contributed to the writer of the judge and a judicial commissioner working in the same body, to be ambushed to overthrow the judge and his associate.

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