Press platform: hosts Africa’s largest military exercise

Read the materials of some paper for the new week of the evening, which reported that Morocco is hosting the largest military maneuver in Africa, where the US military revealed that it is making arrangements and preparations to make the exercises, which will be hosted by Morocco between the end of March and the beginning of April next year, the largest It is two or three times larger than last year’s maneuvers. The last edition in Agadir saw the participation of 2,500 members from Morocco, Senegal, Tunisia, Spain, France, Canada, Britain and America, and included training programs for the forces of rapid intervention. Armies in the event of an enemy appears, as used helicopters and military vehicles and SUVs.

The same paper reported that the draft Finance Act 2020 disclosed details of the government’s amnesty for money smugglers abroad, outside the requirements of exchange laws. This is the second of its kind, after the amnesty, launched by the government of Abdelilah Benkirane in 2014, succeeded in recovering 27.8 billion dirhams of smuggled funds, with revenues of up to 2.3 billion dirhams.

According to Al-Masaa, the government proposes, with respect to property established abroad before 30 September 2019, that the owners deposit an automatic settlement for payment of 10 per cent of the value of the acquisition of real property, the value of the subscription or acquisition of financial assets, movable values ​​and other capital or debt securities. Established abroad. On the other hand, the government expects to collect 1,300 billion in tobacco, alcohol and beer fees.

It was also reported in the “evening” that after serious flaws in the quality of school tables, in the framework of the deal, which allowed the Prime Minister in 2017 to pass to the completion of 350 thousand of them with a financial value of nearly 100 billion centimeters, the newspaper sources revealed a new scandal related to heavy financial burdens chasing the office Vocational training, due to the failure to deliver and deliver tens of thousands of chairs and offices of teachers, while a significant number of blackboards and seats committed to deliver them so far stuck.

According to the same platform, the ministry of Amzazi decided to lift its hand from the scandals associated with this deal, which has aroused a lot of controversy, especially after it became clear that the tables completed tens of billions of damage and damage due to the nature of the raw material used in its manufacture, as well as poor quality of the installation that has been Vocational training institutes before the royal exemption toppled the deal engineers.

“Moroccan events” reported that Sheikh Ahmed Rissouni attacked the girls who went out to demonstrate in support of his niece, journalist Hajar Rissouni, who was convicted by the judiciary of abortion before benefiting from a royal pardon. Battle of individual liberties.

Wood said in the same forum that the jurist Makassed said: “We have recently seen some losers women holding banners declaring that they have no sex and commit abortion.” “This is how they taught them, even though it is apparent that they are not going to find a way to halaal or haraam,” he said, citing protesters who were defending his niece and demanding a legal amendment to ensure individual liberties for all Moroccans.

According to the same daily, many security services, in coordination with the exchange office, entered the smuggling line of Moroccan companies operating in the field of export, import and services millions of foreign currencies in the direction of foreign fraud suspicious.

The Moroccan events added that security research revealed that these companies do not report the real numbers of their foreign transactions, which are conducted in foreign currencies, and make illegal payments to foreign suppliers for the difference between the real values ​​and the declared values, in addition to the invoices provided by suspicious companies in Morocco accompanied by import permits false documents.

For its part, Akhbar al-Youm reported that Moroccan children in Syria are threatened with death, as it is not known whether Morocco is participating in the process being prepared by the Spanish authorities to secure the deportation of wives and children of “jihadist” Moroccans stuck in the jihadi detention camps among the survivors and survivors of the last. The fighting in the town of Baghouz, before the fall of “IS” in January.

Akhbar al-Youm also reported that the Court of First Instance in Marrakesh appealed a one-year suspended prison sentence and a fine of 10,000 dirhams to Hassan Ait al-Bashir, chairman of the Adouiran Council in the province of Chichaoua, of the Popular Movement Party. Last June 28, a year in prison, six months of which is in force, and the same fine. He was convicted of the same punishment as a collective technician. The court also ruled out the follow-up of a deceased parliamentarian from the Legislative Chamber of Chichaoua.

El Oulm Ouarzazate attracted the Egyptian artist Carmen Suleiman to film her new song, as she arrived in Morocco to launch her new work through her official channel on the international video site “YouTube”. In this work, Carmen dealt with Sami Ali in words, while the composer returned to her husband composer and distributor Mustafa Gad, and the distribution is signed by “MAZ”.

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