Press platform: Italy decides to deport thousands of Moroccan illegal immigrants

Read about some weekend diaries from the “Moroccan events” that the Italian government has ratified a decree to expel all irregular Moroccan migrants, who have no evidence that they face risks if they return to their countries of origin.

The newspaper added that the Italian authorities decided to deport thousands of Moroccan irregular migrants residing in its various cities, where it will primarily target the “movement” Moroccans who arrived on the Italian coasts, as part of the wave of migration witnessed by the Libyan coasts after the fall of the regime of Muammar Gaddafi in 2011.

According to the same issue, a police officer in the city of Khemisset opened fire on a person with a legal record, assaulting his mother and attacking security personnel, wounding him in the lower limbs.

The newspaper added that this forced use of firearms by the security man resulted in the arrest of the suspect and the seizure of white weapons used in this attack.

Al-Masaa, who reportedly had changes to the Royal palace security directorate because of a royal outcry after a dispute between gendarmes and security over their competence to protect palaces, resonated with senior officials, intervening and ordering the withdrawal of elements of the royal residence.

According to the newspaper’s source, the new changes were due to professional errors from elements heard by administrative departments, before their files were referred to the disciplinary board of the General Directorate of National Security. Senior officials of the security and gendarmerie were heard in legal records, after the National Security and Royal Gendarmerie were removed from guarding royal residences and palaces. Trucks and cars were transported to a group of barracks in Rabat, Salé and Temara, and compensated by units of the Royal Armed Forces.

The new structure of the government confused the reports of government sectors that have been deleted or merged, which will require adjustments to the reports to suit the new engineering, pointing out that there is uncertainty about the possibility of submitting reports of some sectors such as communication sector, which disappeared from the government structure.

Al-Masaa said that the government is facing a difficult test to download the general directions of the draft finance law, especially with regard to the download of the framework law for education, training and development of the health system, noting that the biggest challenge is to provide adequate funds and qualified human resources, while ensuring the effectiveness of these resources in achieving the desired results.

Al-Masaa also wrote that the perpetrator of the run-off, in which a policeman was killed in the city of Salé, was placed in al-‘Arjat prison, after being charged with attempted murder.

In another news, the same paper reported that the Marrakesh Council had forced the Mamounia scandal by selling its share for 115 hectares of land, which would enable the group to complete projects that had been on hold for years. The group will also be able to obtain significant financial resources through this deal, following the state’s commitment to acquire all collective properties, where a number of state institutions and public interests were previously established, in addition to the value of a property that is a villa located within the Mamounia Hotel.

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