Press platform: Lalla Salma returns to anti-cancer activities

Read the materials of some of the weekly Al Ayyam reports that Princess Lalla Salma, King Mohammed VI’s free spouse, has returned to work normally at the head of the Lalla Salma Anti-Cancer Foundation, which is based within the walls of Al-Mashour Al-Said in Rabat, and is in constant coordination with the Secretary-General. Latifa Al Abedah Foundation.

According to the same source, Princess Lalla Salma is preparing, in the coming days, to preside over the opening ceremony of the Regional Center for Oncology and Dar Al Hayat in Laayoune, which had supervised laying the foundation stone for its construction in 2016, and is now ready.

In another news, the same weekly said that the city of Bouznika is preparing to receive King Mohammed VI, who is interested in the practice of sniping in its reserve, so that the city authorities received instructions regarding the possibility of the King’s solution within the next few days to enjoy the practice of sniping, especially since he has been in the past years hesitating starting from a month October through February on a range of reserves to hunt various game types.

According to the paper, during the last hunting season, the king frequented several times, sometimes almost daily, on the Bouznika reserve, where he was hunting “deer” with some of his cousins ​​and close friends of Moroccans and foreigners, supported by elements of the Royal Gendarmerie, in addition to the use of a group of ” Of tourism.

We also read in the “days”, as well as the famous Spanish painter Antonio Montiel confirmed that he received an invitation from King Mohammed VI to visit in order to draw a special painting for him in the month of November, in a statement to the newspaper “Espanyol” Spanish, expressing his enthusiasm to meet The king asked, noting that he had made portraits of important figures and now this opportunity to accomplish a special image of King Mohammed VI.

According to the same forum, King Mohammed VI loves everything related to plastic art.He is close to the great artists in Morocco and the world.He is addicted to the acquisition of paintings that adorn his various residences, many of which are signed by Moroccan artists and others from Spain, Italy and France.

In an interview with Al-Ayyam, Al-Alawi said that “our country is going through a difficult period and democracy is living in distress. We do not need that. We need more stability, but stability within the framework of social justice and regional and regional justice, especially since the differences that exist Between what some would call a useful Morocco and a non-beneficial Morocco is very dangerous. “

In another interview, according to the same source material, Moroccan sociologist Ahmed Cherrak said in the prospect of the future that “there is a kind of impasse reached by the political elite in Morocco, especially politically framed and belonging to the political parties and formats, through the scramble to reveal without any programs Towards the search for portfolios, positions and multiple locations, this line seems to be evident in the recent period. “

Researcher in strategic affairs and crisis management Mustapha Razrazi told Al-Ayyam that “Moroccan political parties have been living in an eternal and chronic crisis for more than two decades, linked to their inability to renew themselves, and adapt to the changes that accompanied the political work in the world, especially the defeat of ideology.” , Weak trade union work, and then the emergence of think tanks, which diminished the value of party programs, the lack of accuracy in diagnosis, and weak party-building programs.

And to the “press week” that reported that the historic leaders of the Socialist Union, Abderrahmane Youssoufi and Mohamed Yazghi, played a big role in the failure of Idriss Lashkar, the current writer of the Union, the portfolio of the Ministry of Justice, so that they made interventions at the highest level prevented the acceptance of Idris’s proposal Thank you for the Astosar in the second Ottoman government.

According to newspaper sources, El Yazghi, who received a delegation from the Socialist Union Party, stipulated Idriss Lashkar to accept the reconciliation process by reviewing the party’s last two congresses and providing self-criticism about the leadership experience, which Idriss would certainly not accept. Some federalists say the angry whom Idris wants to reconcile have no rivalry with the Socialist Union, but with Idris to thank himself.

We read in the paper itself, according to a very informed political source, that the highest bodies in the decision-making circles are very angry at the political situation printed by the insecure inertia reached by the situation of parties, elites and elected institutions.

According to the same platform, the danger today in the changes known by partisan thought and political practice is the sinking of the latter in tribal conflicts and the first drowned in his preoccupation with the electoral speeches of 2021, and diving them in the culture of “zeroud” circumstance away from framing society and approaching his concerns and catch up with him in modern media. And many other societal problems in which the confrontation is open and direct between the people and the state without the role of party mediators.

Al-Watan Now writes that some private schools have chosen to take crooked ways and malicious marketing tricks for themselves through the Casting procedure to admit outstanding students and raise the veto in front of other pupils who have earned average rates. A phenomenon that did not attract attention was incompatible with the books of tolerance imposed by the Ministry of Education and obliged the owners of private schools to be “partners” in raising the quality of education in the public and private sectors.

Mohammed al-Wardani, an education worker and trade unionist, reported that the state sold pupils to public education institutions. Hassan Abtoubi, president of the Association of Parents and Parents of High School Students Moulay Ismail Meknes, said the exclusion of students from enrollment in some private institutions is evidence of

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