Press platform: Morocco wins new European support due to immigration

Morocco began winning a new European support because of immigration, noting that it has managed, together with Spain, in about ten months, to achieve the goal of containing the biggest crisis of secret migration between the two countries in the current millennium, after reducing it By more than 50%. The paper added that cooperation between the two countries in the field of combating illegal immigration has become a model within the European Union, which may suggest the hypothesis of its expansion to include some European border countries, which face the challenge of illegal immigration, especially in light of the rising unrest in some sub-Saharan African countries and some Arab Maghreb Countries.

It was also reported in Akhbar al-Youm that the Politburo for Progress and Socialism had decided to expel two party members for accusing them of creating chaos at the party’s Central Committee meeting on October 4. She explained that this was the case of Rachid Seddik, a member of the Central Committee, who was director of human resources at the Ministry of Health, and Hassan Belkou, a member of the National Youth Office and a member of the Central Committee.

In return, the newspaper adds, the political bureau was given a second deadline for Anas Doukkali, the former health minister, to make a public apology or he will be expelled.

The newspaper also wrote that the contracting professors, who were forced to contract, pledged the Ministry of National Education further escalation in the coming days, in the face of what they considered “ignoring” the commandment ministry demand to integrate them in the civil service, and breach of the outcome of the dialogue on April 13 and May 10, where waved The two-day national strike will be accompanied by escalating protests, both locally and regionally, as well as a boycott of the vocational rehabilitation exam.

And to the “evening”, which touched on the arrest of a network of women described as serious and active in the promotion of large quantities of hallucinogenic tablets between Casablanca and cities in the north.

According to the source of the newspaper, the security elements monitored one of the elements of the network and raided her home, where more than 4,000 hallucinogenic disks were seized, in addition to large sums of money obtained from the trade of hallucinogenic disks.

The paper pointed to the start of the trial of the defendants in the case of manipulation Master in the University of Fez, where identified the first trial of those involved in the seven, on November 19 next. The “evening” that followers face charges related to bribery and bribery and the exploitation of influence and participation in it.

For its part, the “Moroccan events” that a mother in Sidi Rahal, the employment of the province of Berrechid caused the loss of the spirit of her son, who is about four years old.

The 29-year-old mother said her child was anemic and that he could not eat the meals he was given, so she was intimidating him.

We also read in the “Moroccan events” that the Public Prosecution instructed the interests of the judicial police to listen to a number of doctors at a private clinic in Tetouan, on the basis of a complaint filed by the father of a child, accusing them of negligence, fraud, negligence, lack of foresight, medical error and making informed consent. Or a certificate with incorrect facts.

In conclusion, Al-Alam, which reported that the security authorities in Salé managed to thwart an operation to organize illegal immigration to Spain, accuses 22 persons, including a minor, and one of the specialized networks in the process of implementation, pointing out that the operation was based on information provided by the Directorate’s interests General Administration of National Territory Control.

Al-Alam also said that the index of confidence of Moroccan households continues its downward trend, noting that the majority of households are unable to save, and that there is great pessimism about the continued rise in food prices. The paper added that the survey of the situation of families, carried out by the High Commission for Planning, revealed that the index of household confidence, during the third quarter of 2019, continued its downward trend, which began more than a year ago, moving to 74.8 points instead of 74.9 points recorded during Last quarter, and 82.5 points recorded during the same quarter of 2018.

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