Press platform: Parliamentary push provokes resentment of King Mohammed VI

The berth of the press began Tuesday from the “Moroccan events”, which wrote that King Mohammed VI expressed dissatisfaction with the parliamentary being pushed during the opening of the new legislative session at the parliament.

The newspaper added, according to its source, that the parliamentarian asked the king to take a picture with him before the departure of the royal procession from the headquarters of the legislative institution, he responded to its request;

The newspaper pointed out that the king addressed one of the parliamentarians, saying: “Hashuma pay a lady .. Hshuma,” which made the concerned retreat back.

“Moroccan events” also focused on the suffering of 340,000 Moroccans from schizophrenia, which affects 21 million people worldwide. She added that studies indicate that 75 percent of Moroccan patients’ families have no idea what the disease is, and that they are looking for treatment away from medicine.

According to the studies, 70 percent of people with schizophrenia in Morocco confirm consulting “traditional healers”, including “jurists”, “herbalists” and “charlatans”, for their brain metabolism.

Meanwhile, Al-Masaa wrote about the status of “Parajat in the black dots” in order to confront the phenomenon of “caramelization” in Casablanca.

It added that 200 new security personnel were deployed to various police departments in the economic capital, including the National Judicial Police Division, to participate in the campaign.

She explained that this move will continue for days, and that dams will be erected to punish the largest number of suspects, pointing out that the first fruit was to stop 50 of the respondents in less than 3 days.

In another news, the newspaper reported that a Moroccan plane was stolen as soon as it landed at Lagos airport in Nigeria, noting that the plane, belonging to Royal Air Maroc, found its luggage door open. She explained that these things are common in Lagos.

In connection with the incidents, the “evening” wrote that instructions were issued to the gendarmerie to raid warehouses for Almtlakatha in Ain Harouda and Tit Mellil on the outskirts of Casablanca. She added that the decision came after it was found that stolen metals, including iron and copper, are sold to the owners of these stores, which are mostly random, in order to be dissolved and reproduced outside the established legal rules.

Akhbar al-Youm reported on the Turkish military offensive in northern Syria, noting that the move has re-established the risk of Moroccan jihadists held in SDF camps and detention centers.

The paper added, according to Western reports, that the Kurds confirmed the escape of some “Daesh” and their families from the camps “Hul” and “Roy”, which were sheltering dozens of Moroccan women and their children, noting that no one knows their fate now.

Akhbar al-Youm also published that the latest issue of the official gazette included a decree of the prime minister adding new provisions to article 13 of the decree on the functions of the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

The items added to the functions of the State Property Directorate add the newspaper, the acquisition of real estate and property rights, consensual or expropriation, and allow the acquisition of buildings that are of architectural, cultural and historical importance, or mobilize those necessary for investment.

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