Press platform: Ramid criticizes Benkirane’s “fat pension”

Press platform: Ramid criticizes Benkirane’s “fat pension”

Read the news of some papers for the beginning of the new week, starting from the “evening”, which wrote that Mustafa al-Rumaid, Minister of State for Human Rights and Relations with Parliament, revealed that he is against Abdelilah Benkirane retirement.

“He did not agree with the retirement of the former prime minister,” said Ramid on the program “Youth Fox” on the channel “Medi 1 TV,” adding that “If I consulted, I would have another opinion.”

Rumaid explained that Benkirane’s acceptance of this retirement did not end his career in the party, indicating that he is still popular and respected, and that they still regard him as that leader who respected him and appreciate what he did in the previous stage, and what he can do at any stage.

According to the same newspaper, the Minister of National Education, Said Amazazi, responded to the call of the Prime Minister, Saadeddine Othmani, to austerity to buy luxury cars in a deal worth billions, noting that the deal obtained a visa Ministry of Finance after a meeting with representatives of the Ministry of Amazazi on the acquisition program Cars of interest. The newspaper added that the ministry called on the managers of the academies to prepare a preliminary invoice as soon as possible and proactively in view of the remaining time space of the financial year.

According to Al-Masaa, sources are surprised to allocate a budget of more than 360 million centimeters for the acquisition of luxury cars for managers of academies, despite the good condition of cars currently allocated to them.

In another news, “evening” that the Ministry of the Interior began to draw money estimated at billions as soon as the verdicts against elected from the territorial councils and parliamentarians in Marrakech.

She added that the ministry had sent the Marrakech Collective Council to extract more than 800 million funds from the credits of former and current collective advisors and parliamentarians who are very famous in the capital of Palm, and that if the fines are not paid, property in kind and real estate equal to the value of the money spent by the judiciary will be confiscated.

The newspaper pointed to the security alert known to the headquarters of the security mandate of the capital Rabat after the escape of a person in custody.

She added that this person, who is following up on charges of attempting to kill public officials, had deliberately intimidated citizens on Yaqoub Al-Mansour Street by his car, rammed a number of bystanders, and tried to ram security agents, noting that he was arrested before he could escape from inside the state headquarters. Security.

For its part, Al-Elm was keen on launching the second generation opportunity center at Al-Maari Primary School in Khouribga to enable the dropouts to remedy their trajectory, in the presence of the regional worker, the director of the regional academy for education and training of Beni Mellal Khenifra, the regional director of the Ministry of National Education in Khouribga, and heads of foreign interests. She pointed out that this was within the framework of activating the contents of the ministerial decision of the current school season, and a partnership with the regional association of the National Union of Moroccan Women in Khouribga.

The “Moroccan events” wrote that separatists calling for the independence of rural areas and support Nasser Zafzafi and those detained in the riots of Al Hoceima, burned the Moroccan flag in Paris.

The paper added that the separatists refuted their belief in the social demands raised by the residents of Al Hoceima, like the rest of the Moroccan cities, and stressed that these demands just a ride was used to ride on the protests of some inhabitants, and was used by the promoters of the thesis of separation in order to take people to the street during the crisis in Al Hoceima in order to hide between The people in order to pass this insidious and dangerous separatism, which threatens the unity of the homeland.

In the same journal, we read that the national squad is investigating the real estate speculation file in Marrakech, following a complaint by the National Association for the Defense of Human Rights in Morocco.

“Moroccan events” wrote that the instructions of the Public Prosecutor’s Office to listen to some of the balancing names, considering its responsibility in the suspicious skips and serious speculation that targeted many of the state property.

She added that among these names are the Director General of the Urban Agency, who is under pretrial detention in the prison compound of Oudaya, the Regional Director of the Regional Directorate of Inventory Property, the Director of the Investment Center, the head of the Awqaf in Marrakech, the President of the Collective Council of Marrakech, the Head of the Reconstruction Department in the Wilaya of the Region, and the Chairman of the Collective Council of Ait Ourir.

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