Press platform: Spain dismantles Morocco’s largest hashish smuggling network

Read the materials of some Wednesday newspapers starting from the “evening”, which reported that the Spanish authorities announced the dismantling of the largest network of smuggling “hashish” is active between Morocco and Spain, has been detained 7,700 kg of “hashish” and arrested 45 people.

The head of the international mafia for smuggling and trafficking hashish was also arrested, with 100,000 euros, a firearm, 3,000 liters of gasoline used for boats, 12 cars, two motorcycles, and other means used to prepare and distribute hashish.

The same newspaper reported that the Istiqlal Party accused the government of spreading tax terror among the two men, in pursuit of the single concern of mobilizing financial resources for the benefit of “banks and the treasury.”

According to the same platform, Nizar Baraka, Secretary-General of the Istiqlal Party, accused during a study meeting held by the independent team in the parliament of violating the Constitution, saying that the lack of review after the statement and the performance of 5 per cent is a renunciation of the dues to be paid to the state, and violated the Constitution Level of equality and equality before tax and fiscal justice.

The same paper also discussed the negotiations between the PAM and Tangier on the Tangier region, and wrote that the alliance of the Baijidi and Bam on the level of Tangier was only on the table after a central agreement by the future leadership of the Bam and Saad Eddine El-Othmani, the party’s secretary general. Justice and Development. Although the road was still open to the alliance of the “lamp” and “jars”, the “free” wielded a “veto” and waved out of the office before accepting the position of the third deputy, represented by Mohamed Bouhriz.

She added, “evening” that the new negotiation behind Dodd act violently in the ranks of “Bejidi”, as Abdul Aziz Aftati, member of the General Secretariat of the party, did not hesitate to describe the coalition as “misery”, saying in this regard: “I do not know the details of what happened, but” “A party must go to the dustbin of history, because it is a parallel structure that seeks to sustain tyranny,” he said, adding that those who made the decision bear their responsibilities.

In another news, “Al-Masaa” reported that unknown assailants attacked a fast train with a huge stone over a pedestrian bridge located on the railway. The passengers were surprised to stop the train immediately after its departure from Casablanca station, the port 20 minutes; the driver was unable to complete the trip because of the damage to the windshield , Which obscured the clear vision of the train route.

He added that the train monitors were quick to communicate with the passengers and notify them of the reasons for this stoppage, after a state of resentment and grumbling in their ranks, especially as the train itself came out of Al-Bayda’a port, 10 minutes late, before stopping for a quarter of an hour not far from the station. White eye of the seven.

Akhbar al-Youm pointed out that an American delegation arrived in Tindouf on October 30, which includes academic figures from Princeton University led by former UN Secretary General’s Personal Envoy to the Sahara, Christophe Ross, whose administration was marked by strained relations with Morocco, clearly revealing its bias towards the separatist rhetoric, was forced by the Moroccan authorities to officially prevent him from entering the Sahara despite taking on an international mission, and engaged in a hidden diplomatic war against the Kingdom. Along with the leaders of the Polisario Front, Ross and his delegation will visit MINURSO headquarters, he adds.

According to the same newspaper, the Public Prosecution has demanded that Zine El Abidine Hawas, the isolated mayor of Al-Salem, known as the “Mall of 17 Billion”, be punished with 20 years in prison and confiscate all his property and money that he could not justify its source, including real estate and movables, and money found With a set of bank accounts, the confiscation of the property of all defendants collected through bribery.

The “Moroccan events” published that the Ottoman government is moving towards the withdrawal of Article IX of the draft financial law for 2020, which stipulated that it is not possible to seize the property and funds of the state, after the acquisition of judicial decisions final power. According to a senior government source, the controversy was resolved within the government by withdrawing this article, which caused much controversy.

According to the same source, water is mobilizing the Ministry of Equipment, Transport, Logistics and Water. It is looking for engineers, technicians and technicians from various disciplines to download its strategy for the construction of dams, hill dams, water basins and water transfer channels.

The Moroccan events have written that the ministry has allocated 44 new financial positions for these investments, which are required to download its program on civil engineering, water engineering, geology, law and informatics, which aims to achieve justice and water security for our country in the short and medium term, by accelerating investments in the water sector. To provide innovative and structured solutions to enhance the supply of drinking water and irrigation, in line with the special attention given by King Mohammed VI to water issues.

On the other hand, “Moroccan events” that the city of Agadir will host the activities of the sixth edition of the demonstration Miss Amazigh in 2969, late December. The event aims to introduce Amazigh culture and the role of Amazigh women in approaching different developmental, cultural and social dimensions.

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