Press platform: “The tradition of kings” obscures images of Morocco’s ambassador to the Vatican

Read the news of some of the weekly “Press Week”, which published that officials of the media of the Catholic Church ordered the blocking of all pictures showing the Moroccan ambassador in the Vatican, scientist Raja Naji Mekkawi, in white.

The protagonists had alerted the Moroccan ambassador while presenting her credentials to the need to wear black during the presentation of credentials to the Pope, but Raja, who comes from the city of Wazzan, where tradition tends to wear white, appeared during another reception in the presence of the Pope in a white Moroccan dress , So orders were banned.

According to the same news, the Pope’s visitors are obliged to wear black, except in the case of obtaining the privilege of “white” with his permission, and this privilege is granted only to 7 queens and princesses Catholic, distributed throughout the world.

In the same week, we read about the possibility of launching the liquidation of the Agency for the preparation of the banks of the banks of Bouregreg, where it is expected that a large number of its employees will be laid off by returning to their places of origin. At the mouth of the river separating Rabat from Sale.

According to the “Press Week”, the agency and other local authority officials found themselves facing unprecedented protests over the delays in the work of one of Rabat’s main handicraft streets. As for the management of the real estate container, human rights activists entered the line to sue the competent authorities after some maritime entrepreneurs violated the sanctity of the cemetery overlooking the historic Kasbah of Udaya, where they initiated a correspondence with the public prosecution about the violation of the sanctity of the graves, and the destruction of the remains of the dead.

South Africa wants to cancel the “African lion” maneuvers between Morocco and the United States. General Rodger Cloete revealed that he was under pressure during his visit to South Africa on October 4, which gave detailed papers for joint training and operations. Fill the Moroccan appointment at any cost and wide privileges. The US official was surprised by the margin of concessions made by the South African Chiefs of Staff to reduce US commitment to Assad’s maneuvers.

Al-Ayyam reported that the Prime Minister, Saadeddine El-Othmani, is preparing proposals for the names of 200 professionals who will hold the responsibility of a group of public institutions and departments, including positions for the general writers of ministries, currencies, regional investment centers, central administrations of public administrations, presidents of universities, deans of faculties and high school administrators.

It is reported in the same pulpit that King Mohammed VI went to France immediately after delivering the opening speech of the new legislative year to members of the House of Representatives and advisors, to spend a few days of rest, after overseeing the inauguration of the new government and the opening of the legislative year in a busy week of royal activities.

We also read in the “days”, the news of the possibility of the appointment of Royal Chancellor Taieb Fassi Fihri as ambassador of Rabat in Washington, according to French media, as part of a new movement concerns the positions of ambassadors, thus succeeding the cousin of the king, who served as ambassador to Morocco in America Since 2016, coming from the Embassy of Morocco in London.

According to Al Ayyam, the state is allocating four billion dirhams for a coup in Témara and Skhirat. In the coming weeks, King Mohammed VI will preside over a ceremony to give the actual start of the urban rehabilitation program to Skhirat Temara, which will open a series of workshops and reforms such as The major reforms that have affected the infrastructure of the city of Rabat under the Rabat City of Lights program, which has a very large budget of more than 18 billion dirhams, have been spent in four years.

The weekly program for the rehabilitation of Skhirat Temara has a huge budget of up to 4000 million dirhams, and this program extends for four years 2024-2020, in order to keep pace with the great development experienced by the neighboring cities of Rabat.

In connection with the withdrawal of the Progressive and Socialist Party from the government, Nabil Benabdallah, the party’s secretary general, said in an interview with Al-Ayyam: “We paid the price for our positions and for our continuation in the Ottoman government, because the positions we took were not easy, and perhaps we could line up. else”. Benabdallah also said: “We consider with appreciation and respect to our brothers in the Justice and Development that it was the duty to deal differently with the Party of Progress and Socialism I love those who love and hate of hate, because it is not possible to compare the treatment of honesty and loyalty and commitment to the word as was the case for the Party of Progress and Socialism, and practices Others were all malicious practices and related to counter-trend, including political calculations and so on. “

Al-Watan Al-An, where analysts are deciphering the royal speech about banks’ failure to support small and medium-sized companies, said Salma Sedqi, a professor of economics at the University of Ibn Tufail Kenitra, that banks are interested only in profit, The government is responsible for changing banking standards to facilitate access by businesses to loans; Chamseddine Abdati, president of the Moroccan Consumer Forum, called on banks to devise appropriate and safe financing solutions. Radwan Zahro, a professor of economics at the Faculty of Law in Casablanca, said banking institutions are looking for profits.

Is it permissible to continue to spend 6 billion dirhams in support of the parties? Anon asked a file in the articles of “Al-Watan Now”, where the rights lawyer Abdul Latif al-Malha reported

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