Agitating electronic content drops Moroccan minors in “Hreik” window

“My son was at home until 10 at night, I left him and went to the gym that I run, I came back and I did not find him at home with twelve at night, two hours, then three. I went to the police station and registered a report for the family, and by 7 am, I began to ask his cohorts about his place until one of them said: your son and his friends Mashao move (they went to migrate irregularly).

This was the first station of awareness of Idriss, a 40-year-old athlete who runs a gym in the small town of Sidi Slimane, about the problem he will accompany in the next three years of his son’s 16-year-old son, who will haunt him for ten days, during which he traveled north of Morocco, attracting his dreamy minors. By skipping razor wire separating Morocco from its two administered cities of Ceuta and Melilla, which are administratively affiliated to Spain.

This father did not wait for the authorities to search for his son, but took a bus took him to the city of Nador, near the border with the city of Melilla, to begin his search in the streets for the thrill of his liver. He traveled between the cities of the north and the suburbs of the Kingdom, whenever he received information about a possible place for his son Badr, until he found it. The last night of the 27th day of Ramadan, in the hope that the guard will be diluted, on the occasion of this day of great religious symbolism.

A few streets away from the residence of Idris, a retired professor and his wife, they heard for the first time the emigration of minors, looking for their son, who called them their preparatory school after he missed his morning classes, to spend a day summarizing Ayman’s mother by saying: The family made the house a funeral home. “

A few hours later, the family received a number linking Ayman, and she kept calling him until he answered and convinced him and his friend Abdelali, both of whom did not reach the age of thirteen, to disclose their whereabouts: Castillajo, or the city of Fnideq, adjacent to Ceuta, to come. He is a relative of the family and takes them to his home in the area, before returning them to their homes.

In our meeting with Ayman and Abdelali, they echoed all that is mentioned in most of the dialogues with those wishing to emigrate, from the aspiration of the European dream, the discontent with the status of Morocco, and the hope for a better future, before adding a new factor that is influenced by what they share with a former colleague in the preparatory stage. From Tire after his success in crossing to the “continent of dreams.”

“Harik” is electronic

Ayman and Abdelali encouraged to think of irregular migration as Facebook photos showing their classroom seats near European landmarks. But these images are not the only influential content on social networking sites, there are publications and comments included in the “Facebook pages” encourage the “Risk”, ie the risk of crossing to the other bank, and videos on the site “YouTube” detailing the most effective ways of migration, land and sea, as well as Groups on Facebook cover Minutes of Hreik from preparing the departure bag to how to cross the borders of European countries.

For three months, we followed dozens of pages on Facebook, YouTube channels, and closely followed a two-year-old Facebook group of more than 84,000 subscribers, receiving an average of 20 videos a day. Live, images, and written posts.

Activists in this group include those who publish content on a daily basis, including those who have access to YouTube channels or Facebook pages, and share with their members everything that may be of interest to those who are “Hreik” or increase their enthusiasm.

Members of this group share immigration and a pessimistic view of their living conditions at home, which they express in posts or interactions with what their virtual friends post, but not only to share instructions in this “digital outlet”, but also share their phone numbers for information exchange, coordination, and collaboration. In “Upcoming Migration Operations”.

False dreams ?!

We contacted a group of figures that were shared on this closed group to learn about their experience with immigration, or to find out why they followed up on these content, and we were only able to connect contact with a minor, who was looking for his accompanying person from the economic capital of Casablanca to the city of Nador, in the countryside of Morocco. , Adjacent to the city of Melilla.

After written, recorded, and video messages, we discovered that Youssef, or “Kazawi in exile” as he calls himself, had already arrived in Spain, before being returned to Morocco in undisclosed circumstances, and then spoke in a tone contrary to the usual tone in the group. “Some in YouTube are luring people, through imaginary stories, about the movement that starts from suffering and homelessness, to signing a contract of employment and living in bliss,” he said.

Yusuf, who said that he dreamed of alienation in his dream and alertness, stressed that “the reality there is very different from what everyone tells him,” adding: “When I went and tried, I discovered that all this propaganda is illusions in illusions … like you live today rich, and you become poor.” Tomorrow, “” Most minors are displaced, arrested, or basically unable to reach Europe. “

This oval minor who got his number, looking for those who share the way to go to Nador, in a group that publishes the contents of the daily calls for immigration and simplify ways to do it, and labeled the words of “alienation” as “paradise” to “lie”, then went on to say: ” Why? Because I lived the hell out there (Spain), and today no one will come and deceive me with a few words. ”Then he explained:“ One thing I believe in is that a person goes under a contract of employment… in this case I would be ready to emigrate. ”

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