Bossov contemplates the lines of the “speech of the march” .. A realistic look and a touch of genius

The elements of realistic diagnosis were not lost and after considering the perceptions of the speech of the 44th anniversary of the Green March of November 6, 2019, I attended the spirit of giving and raising challenges and philosophy to promote the development of all regions of the Kingdom and the equitable distribution of wealth among all sides.

It is said that the occasion is a condition, which makes the rapid chronological narrative of the Moroccan desert file between the distance of the speeches march for 2018-2019, makes it an added value for each useful purpose, in terms of the positive outcome of a strong and harmonious Moroccan diplomacy and moving on more than one interface, and above a solid ground entitled consensus On the issue of national and territorial unity.

It is a time and political distance characterized by the participation of the Moroccan diplomatic machine in the dialogue tables under the auspices of the United Nations and sponsored by the new UN mediator Horst Koehler in Geneva and Lisbon, and several international reports praised the human rights reports issued by the branches of the National Council for Human Rights in both Dakhla and Laayoune, in addition to reports Others commend investments in the Moroccan Sahara regions.

This reinforces the argument of Morocco in its Sahara and Sahara in Morocco, which the international community has responded to in more than one event, whether by not inviting the Polisario mercenaries to attend the economic summits of Africa, whether with Japan, China or Russia … or by signing agreements. Economic and commercial include the Moroccan desert territory, or through the UN Security Council resolution 2494 of October 30, which extended the mandate of MINURSO for a whole year for six months and stressed the political negotiating approach and expedite the appointment of a new UN mediator, after Horst Koehler resigned in May 2019, which is the direction of mg He raised himself by roofing the autonomy initiative and making it a framework for any dialogue or negotiations conducted exclusively under a UN umbrella.

Parallel to this positive outcome of Moroccan diplomacy in the Moroccan Sahara issue and the failure of more than 163 countries to recognize the virtual entity, and the signing of more than a thousand agreements of interest to all areas of cooperation, it can not be mistaken eye changes and radical transformation over a large period of time from a smaller jihad to a greater jihad is the search With regard to the ways of development and a decent living environment for the Moroccan citizen not only on the other side, but for all parts of the Kingdom, this with a large area of ​​revisions and amendments, and without any compound lack of narrative criticism of the various development models that the Kingdom has known since independence.

Morocco knows that reaching its goal is to activate advanced regionalization on the dimensions specified by the legislator very accurately in chapters 135 to 146 of the Constitution of 2011, both in terms of free management, cooperation, solidarity and solidarity between the parties, or the possibility of establishing groups between the parties, or create a rehabilitation fund Social Solidarity Fund

This was highlighted by the speech of the Green March of 6 November 2019, which laid down a realistic strategic vision, practical and also constitutional, through which we can achieve field justice through the adoption of advanced regionalization aimed at achieving local development and create jobs and the isolation of certain regions and reduce the gap between the levels of Moroccan authorities twelve.

The speech did not deviate from the touch of genius, where he presented a new reading of the map of Morocco, both at the level of geography or at the level of field justice, within the next development model, and what can be played by the Souss Massa, for example, given its geographical location (in central Morocco) of the central role in Cooperation, solidarity and solidarity, especially with the regions of Guelmim Oued Noun, Laayoune Sakia El Hamra and Dakhla Oued Eddahab, so that these entities have strong infrastructure and economic and social facilities that enable them to play the role of Morocco’s gateway to the sub-Saharan and Sahel.

In addition to the geographical location of the region of Souss Massa, it has important components for economic and social takeoff, it is enough to mention that it has a modern airport, an important port and a modern playground, 8 major dams, 5 colleges, 2323 classified hotels, 10 industrial zones and a road network equivalent to 8,000 km … It puts it in an advanced position on the southern Moroccan sides.

We have become accustomed to all the speeches of His Majesty the King, the pragmatic diagnosis and the audacity to put forward, as well as the first to put forward the perceptions and strategies for development take-off, as stated in the speech of the 44th anniversary of the Green March through the announcement of a large workshops in the extension of railways from Marrakech (Marrakech-Tensift) To Agadir (Souss-Massa region), and also the road link (highway) between Agadir and Dakhla.

These workshops will facilitate the mobility of people, capital, goods and tourists, and will create employment opportunities, social development and field justice, by mobilizing the economy and supporting export and tourism.

Morocco knows its way well to preserve national and territorial unity, and knows the ways and mechanisms of criticism without access to the skin of the self, and in doing so needs the energies of all its people, both at home and from the Moroccans of the world, in a unique model of national cohesion that defends its model of development and decent living. And defends the constants of the Moroccan nation, drawing its strength from the strength of the spirit of the renewed green march to overcome challenges and chart positive prospects.

Morocco, which, as His Majesty King Mohammed VI said, wants, must be based on harmonious and complementary actors, which will benefit equally from the infrastructure and major projects that should benefit all sides.

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