Mauritania: Time to end the conflict in the Sahara. We are not spectators

Mauritania broke its silence on the Moroccan Sahara conflict and called for “a just and acceptable solution for all parties to this regional conflict, which caused the freezing of the Arab Maghreb Union”.

Mauritanian Foreign Minister Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed said Nouakchott is “active and interested in the conflict in the Sahara, but does not take sides.”

In an implicit response to criticism of the southern neighbor for its neutral stance on the conflict, Ould Cheikh said: “Instead of neutrality that indicates a negative attitude, we are not spectators, and we want to see this conflict resolved as soon as possible.”

“The time has come to find a just, lasting and mutually acceptable solution to this conflict which has caused enormous suffering for the peoples and caused the freezing of the Arab Maghreb Union,” the head of Mauritanian diplomacy told a press conference.

Neighboring Mauritania participates in all talks called for by the United Nations to resolve the regional conflict, as an observer alongside the main parties to the dossier (Morocco, Algeria and the Polisario).

Ould Cheikh’s remarks confirm Nouakchott’s continued willingness to cooperate and participate in the upcoming round tables after the appointment of a new UN envoy to succeed Horst Koehler in the coming weeks.

However, over recent years, Mauritania has stood on the sidelines of the neutrality, which some consider negative towards Morocco’s position on the Sahara issue, especially as it recognizes the “phantom republic” and receives its leaders on various occasions. At the same time, it has developed modest diplomatic relations with Morocco, moving from stagnation to stagnation The desire for mutual cooperation.

Observers believe that the arrival of Mohamed Ould Cheikh Ghazouani to the presidency of Mauritania could contribute to dispel the clouds between Rabat and Nouakchott, especially in light of the continued Ismail Ould Cheikh at the head of the Foreign Ministry, a man who helped to overcome the cold phase between the two countries during the period of former President Mohamed Ould Abdel dear.

Ould Cheikh’s first visit to Morocco last year gave new impetus to relations between the two neighbors. After this visit, Mauritania also expressed its desire to improve relations with Morocco.

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