Press platform: The smell of corruption smells from the deals of the national education sector

Read the news of some paper Friday of the “evening” that published that the Minister of Education Said Amazazi, facing mounting calls to open an investigation into suspicions of a number of deals concluded by academies, which cost the state budget tens of billions annually.

According to Abdul Razzaq al-Idrissi, the national writer of the National University of Education, the democratic approach, corruption in education deals has reached dangerous levels, adding that there are officials in the sector smell the deals from afar and salivate to the billions, especially those associated with food and supply, and handling companies guarded Hundreds of workers and cleaners at the level of Beni Mellal Khenifra have not been paid for 15 months, a move aimed at pushing for a sizeable deal for a particular name.

According to the same paper, the gendarmerie and security are investigating the looting of the water bed in the lands of the white side of Settat, through digging unauthorized wells and using tons of underground bastik to divert the water stream and sell it to farmers who usually use it for irrigation. This has fueled the anger of hundreds of farmers in Bastat, Berrechid and neighboring provinces. Suffer from the specter of dehydration and water scarcity.

Officials and elected officials were summoned after teasers revealed the most important people involved in the looting of the water bed.

International networks to promote amphetamines derivatives continue to focus on Morocco as an important market.

Al-Masaa also pointed out that a report of the Ministry of Interior monitored the emergence of new types of grains belonging to the category of “amphetamines”, especially Ecstasy pills, which are smuggled from Western European countries in many ways; including unaccompanied baggage transported by international transport agencies. Passengers or goods, or smuggled into light vehicles, where a number of associations have already warned of the focus of promoters on pupils and adolescents by reducing the price and the introduction of new types and forms.

According to the same source, the Moroccan Network for the Defense of the Right to Health revealed that there was a move to beat the free education in the National School of Public Health after the latter announced a special master, which would result in 9 million centimeters of study, in addition to 1000 dirhams for registration fees, to study for two years and two days. Just a week.

Al-Masaa wrote that the National School of Public Health is abandoning its main role and task in forming and qualifying health frameworks and competencies in the management of health institutions and treatments and seeking to piracy and turn it into a private institution for customers and those who have the ability to pay tuition fees.

According to Akhbar al-Youm, Salwa Akhnouch, wife of Aziz Akhnouch, the head of the Dove Party and the Minister of Agriculture, is preparing to give the start of the construction of a commercial complex project near Rabat, similar to its “Morocco Mall” in Casablanca.

The “Moroccan events” dealt with the dismissal of 142 heads of groups or districts for reasons ranging from judicial rulings, charges of embezzlement and fraud, or political deportation from the parties they nominated in addition to resignation from duties or death.

According to the “Moroccan events,” as well, that the gendarmes at the dusty center of the group Balamiri Dar Sidi Suleiman province arrested a person who terrified the group by storming women’s homes and trying to rape them; after complaints from the population.

Seal from “Science” reported that the province of Aoussard gave the start of a number of development projects at the border center Alkrkrat village group Kunduz well south of the Kingdom, on the occasion of the 44th anniversary of the Green March.

According to the same paper, Abderrahmane El-Gohary, a worker of the Aoussard region, Ashraf, accompanied by the chairman of the Dakhla-Oued Ed-Dahab council, survived the calligrapher and a number of elected members, to give a start to the construction of a functional housing complex in Karakurat, in addition to the external preparation workshops for the border center. The work progress rate was 60 per cent.

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