World Bank lends Morocco $ 300 million to support 100 communities

The World Bank has approved a new loan for Morocco worth $ 300 million, equivalent to 2.9 billion dirhams, for a project to support Moroccan territorial groups. The World Bank said on its official website on Friday that support for the groups was part of a broad-based Saudi-led effort to improve services and turn urban […]

Mauritania: Time to end the conflict in the Sahara. We are not spectators

Mauritania broke its silence on the Moroccan Sahara conflict and called for “a just and acceptable solution for all parties to this regional conflict, which caused the freezing of the Arab Maghreb Union”. Mauritanian Foreign Minister Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed said Nouakchott is “active and interested in the conflict in the Sahara, but does not […]

An official report records shrinking of hashish cultivation in northern Morocco

In recent years, cannabis cultivation in the northern provinces has shrunk by about 65 per cent, from 134,000 hectares to about 47,500 hectares, according to the latest assessment by Moroccan authorities using satellite imagery. “ During the 2018 and 2019 seasons, the public authorities continued their campaigns against the spread of this banned agriculture in […]

Le troisième passage le plus dangereux attire les passionnés d’alpinisme

TAGI est connu comme le groupe Zawiyat Ahansal dans la région d’Azilal de Beni Mellal Khenifra, tant au niveau national qu’au niveau mondial, en tant qu’athlète alpiniste. Beaucoup d’amateurs de ce sport lugubre et passionnant visitent le monde. Selon le témoignage de la population locale, un couloir est le troisième couloir le plus dangereux au […]

Press platform: The smell of corruption smells from the deals of the national education sector

Read the news of some paper Friday of the “evening” that published that the Minister of Education Said Amazazi, facing mounting calls to open an investigation into suspicions of a number of deals concluded by academies, which cost the state budget tens of billions annually. According to Abdul Razzaq al-Idrissi, the national writer of the […]

Bossov contemplates the lines of the “speech of the march” .. A realistic look and a touch of genius

The elements of realistic diagnosis were not lost and after considering the perceptions of the speech of the 44th anniversary of the Green March of November 6, 2019, I attended the spirit of giving and raising challenges and philosophy to promote the development of all regions of the Kingdom and the equitable distribution of wealth […]

Press berth: The Directorate of Security conducts a wide movement of transfers and appointments

Read the materials of some Thursday’s diaries starting from the “evening”, which wrote that the Directorate General of National Security is about to make a large movement of transfers and appointments, is expected to include a long list of senior officials, including governors and heads of regional security, and heads of security zones in major […]

Press berth: Military sanctions await violators of conscription

Reading Friday’s pavement we begin by touching on the “evening” to the military sanctions issued against dozens of volunteers for military service, who violated the rules and regulations of the military in a number of barracks, where a number of military penalties have been activated against them, such as deprivation of a break for volunteers, […]

Press platform: Italy decides to deport thousands of Moroccan illegal immigrants

Read about some weekend diaries from the “Moroccan events” that the Italian government has ratified a decree to expel all irregular Moroccan migrants, who have no evidence that they face risks if they return to their countries of origin. The newspaper added that the Italian authorities decided to deport thousands of Moroccan irregular migrants residing […]

Press platform: Lalla Salma returns to anti-cancer activities

Read the materials of some of the weekly Al Ayyam reports that Princess Lalla Salma, King Mohammed VI’s free spouse, has returned to work normally at the head of the Lalla Salma Anti-Cancer Foundation, which is based within the walls of Al-Mashour Al-Said in Rabat, and is in constant coordination with the Secretary-General. Latifa Al […]

Press berth: The army is preparing for military exercises on the eastern border

Read the materials of some of the daily newspapers published at the beginning of the new week of the evening, which reported that heavy weapons, drones and infantry teams moved to Oujda, and that raised a lot of questions. The exercise will involve various units of the Royal Armed Forces, including the air and navy, […]

Press platform: Parliamentary push provokes resentment of King Mohammed VI

The berth of the press began Tuesday from the “Moroccan events”, which wrote that King Mohammed VI expressed dissatisfaction with the parliamentary being pushed during the opening of the new legislative session at the parliament. The newspaper added, according to its source, that the parliamentarian asked the king to take a picture with him before […]

Press platform: acknowledgment of filiation outside the institution of marriage mobilizes the interior

He started a press berth tour on Wednesday from Al-Masaa newspaper, which wrote that acknowledgment of filiation outside marriage institution mobilizes the Ministry of Interior, noting that a patrol issued by the ministry revealed that there are difficulties in activating the requirements to prove the legal relationship and the adoption of filiation, and registration of […]

Press platform: Morocco wins new European support due to immigration

Morocco began winning a new European support because of immigration, noting that it has managed, together with Spain, in about ten months, to achieve the goal of containing the biggest crisis of secret migration between the two countries in the current millennium, after reducing it By more than 50%. The paper added that cooperation between […]

Press berth: “hidden gas war” rages between Morocco and Algeria

We begin by reading some of Friday’s diaries from Al-Alam, which reported that the hidden gas war is raging between Morocco and Algeria with sensitive regional and international bets, and that Algeria is gradually paralyzing its trans-Moroccan gas pipeline to weaken its energy bargaining position. The newspaper added that the Algerian hydrocarbons company (Sonatrach) and […]

Press berth: Hammouchi injects new blood into “police arteries”

The reading of the press platform began with the announcement by Abdel Latif Hammouchi, Director-General of National Security, that more than 7,000 new police officers would be employed. This is reported in the newspaper “Evening”, which reported that the Directorate General revealed the organization of two games, the first internal staff of various departments, and […]

Press platform: “The tradition of kings” obscures images of Morocco’s ambassador to the Vatican

Read the news of some of the weekly “Press Week”, which published that officials of the media of the Catholic Church ordered the blocking of all pictures showing the Moroccan ambassador in the Vatican, scientist Raja Naji Mekkawi, in white. The protagonists had alerted the Moroccan ambassador while presenting her credentials to the need to […]

Press platform: hosts Africa’s largest military exercise

Read the materials of some paper for the new week of the evening, which reported that Morocco is hosting the largest military maneuver in Africa, where the US military revealed that it is making arrangements and preparations to make the exercises, which will be hosted by Morocco between the end of March and the beginning […]

Press pavement: State-run cars auction off a network of monuments

We start reading the materials of some Tuesday newspaper papers from Al-Masaa, which published that state-owned cars in public auctions overthrew a network of fraud and use the names of influential figures in order to hunt the largest number of victims who want to buy cars sold through the auction with the intervention of the […]

Press berth: Closure of jellyfish causes heavy financial losses for Moroccans

We begin the round of the Press Quay on Wednesday from “Al-Masaa”, which touched on the return of tension to the Karakurat crossing after it was closed since last Thursday to the movement of commercial goods coming from sub-Saharan Africa. According to the same source, this situation threatens to incur Moroccan exporters significant financial losses, […]

Press platform: Holocaust monument defies demolition of Marrakech

Read the materials of some of the daily papers on Friday, starting from the “evening”, which reported that the leaders of the National Observatory against Normalization revealed attempts to erect a memorial of the “Holocaust” again, and the construction work at a time when the authorities in the province of Haouz had demolished some Building. […]

Press pavement: “Sons of Fashosh” challenge security by “Tvhit” in the streets

Press pavement: “Sons of Fashosh” challenge security by “Tvhit” in the streets We begin the weekend pavement tour of Al-Masaa, which reports that wealthy sons and officials defied the ban on Director General of National Security, Abdellatif Hammouchi, for “al-Tafhit” in the center of the capital Rabat. Despite the instructions issued by Hammouchi to prevent […]

Press platform: Government reshuffle provokes conflict among women

Press platform: Government reshuffle provokes conflict among women Read the articles of some weekly we start from the “Press Week”, which published that the government amendment triggered an unprecedented conflict between women Justice and Development, where discussions are taking place in some women’s homes of justice and development content of the extreme anger experienced by […]

Press platform: Ramid criticizes Benkirane’s “fat pension”

Press platform: Ramid criticizes Benkirane’s “fat pension” Read the news of some papers for the beginning of the new week, starting from the “evening”, which wrote that Mustafa al-Rumaid, Minister of State for Human Rights and Relations with Parliament, revealed that he is against Abdelilah Benkirane retirement. “He did not agree with the retirement of […]

Press berth: a multi-billionaire case involving an officer at the Royal Palace

Reading of a press berth begins on Tuesday with the arrest of a police officer at the Royal Palace in a multi-billionaire case involving contractors and businessmen. Al-Masaa wrote that the arrest of the officer came after what was named by the complainants as a partner of the main accused, an employee who is in […]